Donnerstag, 25. April 2013


i got really tired lately of collecting stuff that inspires me on my laptop, since my desktop became a mess of sparkling childhood memories and unicorns with flowers in their hair.
so i joined tumblr to collect my inspiration.
go ahead and follow, lovely people!

if you have any suggestions for inspiring tumblr accounts, please let me know. i am really new to this thing.

Montag, 15. April 2013

like it´s golden.

i love how spring turns berlin upside down and makes everything he touches golden. i am living for those days spent in the grass, bathing in cherry blossoms, going to concerts alone and dancing my mind away, fiddling flowercrowns in each others hair and roaming around streets with a vivd full moon watching us.
i love a full moon. 

i remember this one special time i was wandering around parramatta park in sydney with music in my ears and a heart thirsting of curiosity. the evening was welcoming me with skies in all shades pink and purple and a moon so HUGE i literally couldn´t take my eyes of him. i made my way through the park tripping, smelling the scent of those trees that smell like lemons and loving every minute of it. it´s the little things. it always has been! i love the little things. i enjoy them so much sometimes i can´t contain it and can not help it at all.

also i love how spring makes me deeply miss the place i grew up.
lying on the floor of my room filled with light and feeling the sun like velvet on my skin, the carelessness of being a child, lying on the street at night with my friends.
a long time i was afraid of growing up. maybe i kind of still am. there are so much childlike thoughts and feelings in my heart still and i was always afraid that one day i would have to let them go. like when you where little and had a balloon or a feather and the wind would take it with him and you would know you will never have that again.
and no matter which substitute you would get it will never be quite the same. but one day i decided that you can grow up and keep your childlike heart. sometimes it is a challenge but who doesn´t love a good challenge?

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Freitag, 5. April 2013

something about road trips..

my eyes are longingly looking at photos of my roadtrip adventures these days. there is something about road trips that teaches you to feel fully alive and in the moment. packing not more than a hat, a tank, a bikini, my john lennon sunglasses and a high waisted levis shorts and just go.

stopping wherever beauty makes you stop, sleeping in the car or a cheap motel. enjoying the way the salty air makes you hair look and your skin feel. barfooted nights at the beach. the feeling of fresh fruit and coffee right by the ocean after a long night in the car. meeting strangers. living in the moment and not being chased by thoughts of leaving. letting go of i need and want and must. 70s music and windows down. fresh guacamole from the farmers market in the middle of nowhere. exploring. really just living and feeling like an adventurer.

click here,here,here or here for stories and photos of recent travels!

pictures from my instagram

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Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

after the storm.

i feel like i am twirled up into the air by mighty winds and free falling. and though it is not always easy not being afraid of a free fall, i have the feeling it will lead me somewhere. somewhere good.
those last weeks i sat on trains leading me to places i did not really want to be. i waited in long halls and i was scared. but besides all of that i was blessed by people caring about me.
 much more than i think i would ever deserve.
those next months will be hard work. there are so much ideas in my head. they sometimes overwhelm me and get me stuck somewhere. i find it hard getting all the creativity out of my head just because it is so much. but i promised this to myself and this is what i will do.
and after the storm i´ll look up.

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Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013


spring, i want to run towards you with messy hair and my hands held high.

Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

lalalala take me home.

not so long ago i moved to a new city. our flat is almost finished, but there are still some projects we are working on (like a commode made out of suitcases), spaces and walls that need to be filled with life or things i still want to change. i like to change things up a lot because i constantly have new ideas. 

these are some home inspirations that i have collected.
i like to mix and match and combine. to kind of break into one style and go on with a completely different one. i do not like it too pretty, clean or straight lines. well.. i like pretty. but i like to create a mess with the pretty.

naked brick walls, oriental carpets, maps, pretty torn off wallpaper, tulle, clustered spaces, dark wood, flourishes, beautiful flowers in run-down or vintage vessels, interior items that have a past and creating your own ideas ( we built our personal wardrobe by putting copper pipes up on the wall). that is what it is all about for me. also i like to put things where you would not expect them to be. 
since i recently received my new canon 6d baby i will put up some pictures of our flat in some time. 

and hopefully i will once live in a sunny loft on a rooftop. with huge factory windows, a huge terrace, totally run-down, pipes all over the place and of course brick walls and not to forget stucco decoration! i would arrange it so freaking awesome and you all would be invited.
so...anybody there who wants to buy me a loft?

Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

spring won´t you come already?

i am eagerly waiting for spring to come and take me away.
the sounds of yet lonely birds arriving to accompany us makes me wide eyed. 

spring is coming and it´s bringing along a sweet riot.
a riot in my soul.

things will change for the better and there will be a lioness rising with a heart that can´t be tamed just like her long wavy hair.

i can feel it.i know it.
and when the spring air will fill my lungs i will dance under street lights and white winter lies will be gone.

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