Freitag, 5. April 2013

something about road trips..

my eyes are longingly looking at photos of my roadtrip adventures these days. there is something about road trips that teaches you to feel fully alive and in the moment. packing not more than a hat, a tank, a bikini, my john lennon sunglasses and a high waisted levis shorts and just go.

stopping wherever beauty makes you stop, sleeping in the car or a cheap motel. enjoying the way the salty air makes you hair look and your skin feel. barfooted nights at the beach. the feeling of fresh fruit and coffee right by the ocean after a long night in the car. meeting strangers. living in the moment and not being chased by thoughts of leaving. letting go of i need and want and must. 70s music and windows down. fresh guacamole from the farmers market in the middle of nowhere. exploring. really just living and feeling like an adventurer.

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