Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

the perks of being different.

those recent nights this girl has been wide awake accompanied by insomnia. i must say i don't welcome it's company but it gives me time and space to think and create.
i created my very first song in my head in a night of insomnia, wrote it down and played it the next day, so insomnia isn't all bad for me.

one of the things i was thinking was about 'being different'.
i grew up in a small town in a society where everybody is the same. they do the same stuff, wear the same clothes, have the same opinions, take the same classes at university...
i always felt there was a fear of speaking up. speaking your mind. questioning things. being yourself.
because if you do that, people will shut you out.
nobody wants to be an outsider, right?
but for some reason i don't understand why most people give up who they are, in order to fit in. in order to be 'loved' (heads up: if people don´t love you for nothing but yourself they won't love you for someone who you pretend to be).

but here we are.
we are the people that are so different that they can't help but being it. can't help but wanting to be different!
i couldn't betray who i am to fit in where i clearly didn't belong.
when i was a child, i was desperate over what was wrong with me.
why i was so different than them, why i didn't even want to be like them.
i felt wrong, oh so wrong.

but as i grew up a little, thought about things, questioned things i got to know the perks of being different.

we are the rarity.
we are the wild ones.
we are the ones with strong hearts and minds.
we must embrace it!

i found that there is a wisdom i developed, i was only able to receive by questioning and doing things other people thought where 'not normal', 'reckless', 'careless', 'not-like-a-grown-up-should-act'.
i found there is a wisdom you only receive by experience.
and with this i am not saying i have aaall the wisdom.
no, i have worked for the small part of the whole i have gained yet.yet yet yet.

i found that there is poise and self-confidence building up in me more and more by being me.

i found that there is more room for new. 
to create new things. to have new ideas. to have new challenges.

i found that one day i will be irreplaceable, because i am different.

i found that i can write how i do, that i can sing how i do, that i can think how i do.
i can dance how i do, even in a subway station or on the sidewalk. i can live freely. 
i can be amazed by the smallest things on earth and i can be the child i am in my heart. 
i can travel the whole wide world and i can meet new people without judging them or laughing at them, because they are different than i am, want them to or expect them to be.
i can tell everyone about my crazy dreams, no matter if daydream or night. 
i can laugh about the most stupid stuff and be the really crazy one i am.
i can wear heels as high as i want them to be.
i can experience. 
i can make stupid jokes and be wild. 
i can sometimes be careless and reckless. 
i can cry during beautiful sunrises at bondi beach or out of wanderlust.
i can ramble over and over because i am so motivated, impressed or full of love.
i can thrill people when i am keen.
i can sometimes wander. 
i can speak my mind. i can dream.
i can be me.

don't give up yourself in order to fit in.
fitting in is overrated.

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Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012


my latest cover on youtube.

jump over to my youtube channel to check out more, loves!

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Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

music i love.

this is what i listen to lately <3

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Dienstag, 27. November 2012


the girls latest inspiration. 
if you have the copyright for any of this, just mail me if you want me to mention you or take it down!


diy mason jar snow globes by free people

Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

analog honeymoon. part three.

l.a. made me wish for the moon.
l.a. made me love to live out of the suitcase.
it made my mind wander to the endless places i yet have to see, people i have to meet, stories i have to hear, beauty i have to capture. 
the unknown i have to adventure, the wonders i have to believe.

wherever i go i find myself wanting more, thinking about the next place i will strike my roots into, just to leave again.
sometimes i want to go away. live somewhere else.
but then my mind turns upside down, loving every place and wanting to live there.

it makes me think if i really could live anywhere. any place.
maybe it is so. right now i believe it is.
maybe i can settle one day. but until then i think wherever i live i will be drawn somewhere else.
the travel bug has a nest in my heart and i will embrace that.

as we flew over hawai'i i saw the most turquoise water i had ever seen. hawai'i is so beautiful. inside and out.

i wouldn't suggest you go to waikiki beach if you like to travel as i do but if you like to have a relaxing holiday in a fancy hotel it's perfect. i think it would be great to work there for some time though. 

if you are there and want to see some non-touristy spots, go to sandy beach, makapu'u beach or lanikai beach. sandy beach is experienced surfers territory only. at least the day we were there. the shorebreak was pretty badass. makapu'u beach has beautiful tide pools in which you can swim. you have to climb a little. lanikai beach leaves your eyes blinking because it is oh so white, turquoise and everything beautiful.

one day one hawaiian family took us out on their boat. we danced, laughed, swam with dolphines and dived down into the beautiful sea. 
hawaiians are beautiful people.
they have a deep bond with nature. they respect and care about their surroundings. they got the importance. it seems it is planted in their hearts.
the families dad told me to only call the animals in their hawaiian names. the hawaiian language has deeper meanings and it's planted in the hearts of the hawaiian creatures.
i loved the thought and find that their language sounds magical.
their dances tell stories and leave you starring, wondering what the story could be. they are passioned and at the same time relaxed. i fell in love. again.

all pictures taken by me&mr with a dreamer diana f+ and an underwatercamera

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Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

analog honeymoon. part two.

after one week of the fast new york city life we took a cab to catch our bus that would bring us to the airport.
matt was excited, but i left my beloved city with low expectations for our next destination. i thought it was to soon to already leave.
i was proven wrong though and found it quite good to be surprised with something so beautiful like california!

after a lot of waiting we got our rental car. we even got an upgrade, because the one we initially wanted wasn't there anymore!
we drove through beautiful l.a. at sundown, listening to oldschool radio and marveling at the oldschool-classy way l.a. looks.
it was right at that time when i decided for myself we had left new york at the perfect time.
i am a beach-girl so as soon as i could smell the ocean and dig my feet into the sand everything was perfect.

we drove up the coast right that night and slept in the car when we got too tired, which we did most of the nights.
the next day we drove into the most beautiful sunrise i had ever seen (well, it competes with the one i've seen at bondi beach in sydney). it was the perfect welcome for us.
frames of vast yet aesthetic palm trees, drawn into a bright orange morning sky, framing the streets and leaving our eyes starring up to the sky.
i took thousands of pictures and could not cointain how amazed i was. neither did matt.

beautiful sunset and the hint of a pier

we stopped at a beach where a pier led into the sea and we could breathe in the salty, fresh morning air and feel the seasalt tingle on our skin. we stopped in santa barbara to eat brunch at a diner and then kept on driving.
our destination was san francisco but we didn't reach it that day because we kept on stopping almost everywhere. 
we found a hostel in san mateo that night.

the next day we spent in san francisco. it was really cold and windy but we didn't mind. this time we asked a guide at a souvenir shop to tell us what to look at, since we only wanted to stay one day. we ate at whole foods (this is what germany really needs!!!), started driving back and slept somewhere on our way in the car.

golden gate bridge

we had or morning coffee somewhere in santa cruz in a surfers café. the atmosphere and people there made us stay longer than we wanted, but we had no plans anyway.
again we stopped almost everywhere on our way back. we found a beautiful beach called pismo beach and spent some time there reading, talking and wandering around.

pismo beach

then we drove back and found a pretty nice hostel in l.a.
we wanted to drive to newport and laguna beach that evening just to have a look around that area too and so we did.
on our way we stopped at joe´s crab shack. the food was amazing!
brian a surfer that worked there told us he had lived in hawaii for some time (our next destination), so we wanted to know tips on surfing and what to do in hawaii! he almost left his work behind and wrote down everything he knew! i love you cali people! really. brian was no exception in beeing kind and loving!

joe's crab shack

the last day we spent in l.a. and wandered around venice beach the whole night. my favourite part of l.a. by far!

i loved not knowing where we would sleep next, eat next, what we would do next. we just drove around, stopped when we felt like stopping or when the beauty of california was just to beautiful to keep driving. you experience so much more than a planned out trip and a stay in a fancy hotel!


hollywood and mr.

venice beach

the next morning we took a plane to hawaii and this time i only felt adventurous, because saying goodbye means you have something to come back to.

all pictures taken by me with a dreamer diana f+

Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

analog honeymoon. part one.

since i have a very contagious love for traveling, matt was to become a fellow gypsy sooner or later. luckily it happened sooner and we decided to have a whole month of honeymoon in different cities.

we left in the early hours to catch our flight to new york. the skyline arose with tears filling my eyes. i have always wanted to go back since i´ve lived there a couple of months in 2007. it felt surreal.
coming out of the airplane i grabbed an officers hand and shook it, though he just wanted to see my passport. well, that´s me!

we wanted to travel and feel the city every second of our stay, so we didn´t see our room very much.
our days were filled with breakfasts in central park (better than anything!), wandering around the city soaking in every bit and every part of it and people watching. i love people watching.

       barefooted breakfasts in central park.

we walked almost everywhere, long walks leaving blisters on our sore feet. we loved it either way.
williamsburg is my absolute favorite part of the city together with bushwick where i used to live
we found so many good vintage clothing and book shops (you must pay spoonbill & sugar town a visit) in williamsburg! 

fleamarket in brooklyn.

gramercy and good burgers at the corner bistro.

i also love gramercy, the meatpacking district, soho and the greenwich village.

new york has a certain quite mysterious magic. you just feel. you can't describe. that´s what i love the most about new york and it´s warm summer nights, with the smell of 1$ pizza everywhere and the sounds of ice-cream-trucks filling the air.

his favourite.

skylines and shoes on wires.

i can only show you our analog pictures for now, because our laptop broke. the one with all our dslr pictures on it. we hope somebody will bring them back to life!

all pictures taken by me with a dreamer diana f+

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