Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

analog honeymoon. part two.

after one week of the fast new york city life we took a cab to catch our bus that would bring us to the airport.
matt was excited, but i left my beloved city with low expectations for our next destination. i thought it was to soon to already leave.
i was proven wrong though and found it quite good to be surprised with something so beautiful like california!

after a lot of waiting we got our rental car. we even got an upgrade, because the one we initially wanted wasn't there anymore!
we drove through beautiful l.a. at sundown, listening to oldschool radio and marveling at the oldschool-classy way l.a. looks.
it was right at that time when i decided for myself we had left new york at the perfect time.
i am a beach-girl so as soon as i could smell the ocean and dig my feet into the sand everything was perfect.

we drove up the coast right that night and slept in the car when we got too tired, which we did most of the nights.
the next day we drove into the most beautiful sunrise i had ever seen (well, it competes with the one i've seen at bondi beach in sydney). it was the perfect welcome for us.
frames of vast yet aesthetic palm trees, drawn into a bright orange morning sky, framing the streets and leaving our eyes starring up to the sky.
i took thousands of pictures and could not cointain how amazed i was. neither did matt.

beautiful sunset and the hint of a pier

we stopped at a beach where a pier led into the sea and we could breathe in the salty, fresh morning air and feel the seasalt tingle on our skin. we stopped in santa barbara to eat brunch at a diner and then kept on driving.
our destination was san francisco but we didn't reach it that day because we kept on stopping almost everywhere. 
we found a hostel in san mateo that night.

the next day we spent in san francisco. it was really cold and windy but we didn't mind. this time we asked a guide at a souvenir shop to tell us what to look at, since we only wanted to stay one day. we ate at whole foods (this is what germany really needs!!!), started driving back and slept somewhere on our way in the car.

golden gate bridge

we had or morning coffee somewhere in santa cruz in a surfers café. the atmosphere and people there made us stay longer than we wanted, but we had no plans anyway.
again we stopped almost everywhere on our way back. we found a beautiful beach called pismo beach and spent some time there reading, talking and wandering around.

pismo beach

then we drove back and found a pretty nice hostel in l.a.
we wanted to drive to newport and laguna beach that evening just to have a look around that area too and so we did.
on our way we stopped at joe´s crab shack. the food was amazing!
brian a surfer that worked there told us he had lived in hawaii for some time (our next destination), so we wanted to know tips on surfing and what to do in hawaii! he almost left his work behind and wrote down everything he knew! i love you cali people! really. brian was no exception in beeing kind and loving!

joe's crab shack

the last day we spent in l.a. and wandered around venice beach the whole night. my favourite part of l.a. by far!

i loved not knowing where we would sleep next, eat next, what we would do next. we just drove around, stopped when we felt like stopping or when the beauty of california was just to beautiful to keep driving. you experience so much more than a planned out trip and a stay in a fancy hotel!


hollywood and mr.

venice beach

the next morning we took a plane to hawaii and this time i only felt adventurous, because saying goodbye means you have something to come back to.

all pictures taken by me with a dreamer diana f+


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