Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

analog honeymoon. part three.

l.a. made me wish for the moon.
l.a. made me love to live out of the suitcase.
it made my mind wander to the endless places i yet have to see, people i have to meet, stories i have to hear, beauty i have to capture. 
the unknown i have to adventure, the wonders i have to believe.

wherever i go i find myself wanting more, thinking about the next place i will strike my roots into, just to leave again.
sometimes i want to go away. live somewhere else.
but then my mind turns upside down, loving every place and wanting to live there.

it makes me think if i really could live anywhere. any place.
maybe it is so. right now i believe it is.
maybe i can settle one day. but until then i think wherever i live i will be drawn somewhere else.
the travel bug has a nest in my heart and i will embrace that.

as we flew over hawai'i i saw the most turquoise water i had ever seen. hawai'i is so beautiful. inside and out.

i wouldn't suggest you go to waikiki beach if you like to travel as i do but if you like to have a relaxing holiday in a fancy hotel it's perfect. i think it would be great to work there for some time though. 

if you are there and want to see some non-touristy spots, go to sandy beach, makapu'u beach or lanikai beach. sandy beach is experienced surfers territory only. at least the day we were there. the shorebreak was pretty badass. makapu'u beach has beautiful tide pools in which you can swim. you have to climb a little. lanikai beach leaves your eyes blinking because it is oh so white, turquoise and everything beautiful.

one day one hawaiian family took us out on their boat. we danced, laughed, swam with dolphines and dived down into the beautiful sea. 
hawaiians are beautiful people.
they have a deep bond with nature. they respect and care about their surroundings. they got the importance. it seems it is planted in their hearts.
the families dad told me to only call the animals in their hawaiian names. the hawaiian language has deeper meanings and it's planted in the hearts of the hawaiian creatures.
i loved the thought and find that their language sounds magical.
their dances tell stories and leave you starring, wondering what the story could be. they are passioned and at the same time relaxed. i fell in love. again.

all pictures taken by me&mr with a dreamer diana f+ and an underwatercamera

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