Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

analog honeymoon. part one.

since i have a very contagious love for traveling, matt was to become a fellow gypsy sooner or later. luckily it happened sooner and we decided to have a whole month of honeymoon in different cities.

we left in the early hours to catch our flight to new york. the skyline arose with tears filling my eyes. i have always wanted to go back since i´ve lived there a couple of months in 2007. it felt surreal.
coming out of the airplane i grabbed an officers hand and shook it, though he just wanted to see my passport. well, that´s me!

we wanted to travel and feel the city every second of our stay, so we didn´t see our room very much.
our days were filled with breakfasts in central park (better than anything!), wandering around the city soaking in every bit and every part of it and people watching. i love people watching.

       barefooted breakfasts in central park.

we walked almost everywhere, long walks leaving blisters on our sore feet. we loved it either way.
williamsburg is my absolute favorite part of the city together with bushwick where i used to live
we found so many good vintage clothing and book shops (you must pay spoonbill & sugar town a visit) in williamsburg! 

fleamarket in brooklyn.

gramercy and good burgers at the corner bistro.

i also love gramercy, the meatpacking district, soho and the greenwich village.

new york has a certain quite mysterious magic. you just feel. you can't describe. that´s what i love the most about new york and it´s warm summer nights, with the smell of 1$ pizza everywhere and the sounds of ice-cream-trucks filling the air.

his favourite.

skylines and shoes on wires.

i can only show you our analog pictures for now, because our laptop broke. the one with all our dslr pictures on it. we hope somebody will bring them back to life!

all pictures taken by me with a dreamer diana f+

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