Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

the power of fragile.

i like to watch people.
on the street or on pictures.
i like to make up stories in my mind about who that person could be, what stories lie behind absent eyes, messy hair and timid smiles.

and when i discover a bit of it, the power of fragility makes me marvel. it reminds me why i love people.
these moments when souls gleam like the sun that gleams through clouded skies for just two seconds on days drawn in grey.
these moments when people are not in their shell or even cage. flawed and full of character and marks.

i love tooth gaps, huge smiles, bed heads, chapped nail polish, paleness, really weird laughter, clumsiness, people that laugh about their own jokes, awkward dancers, sleepy faces and the funny socks i can see people wearing when they sit down on the train, tired from a long workday.

i think we have been told a lie for years and years. as we grew up people told or showed us that we all needed to be perfect in order to be powerful.
but as i thought about it carefully i found that it did not coincide with the experiences i had and lessons i learned.

when there are flaws there is an unaffectedness.
when there are wise words, that we all love, there are people that took a fall and spoke those wise words out of experience.
the wisest men have a beautiful fragility and authenticity.
and for me this is so powerful.
more powerful than everything perfect, combined in one person.
when there is something fragile in your eyes and something broken in your bones, you can turn it into beautiful things.
you can create beauty, you can love, you can ease someones burden.

and as we travel this life the imperfect becomes the perfect, the undesirable becomes desirable, guilt becomes forgiveness and pain becomes love.

it happens all as we travel.
it happens all as we evolve.
it happens all as we never stop learning to see and not just look.


  1. Thank you for this. Watching people, unobserved, helps me love humanity too.

  2. Very inspiring post. I admire your optimism, as I have become quite a cynical person the older I become. It gives me hope. x

    1. thank you,laura!
      you put a big smile upon my face with this comment!

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